Golf Swing Flexibility

Ever since I can remember I have understood and appreciated the game of golf.  Whether it was watching tournaments with my Dad or watching him practice his swing in our living room.  I recognized from a young age the names Arnold Palmer and of course I knew The Golden Bear was an Ohio native Jack Nicklaus. 
This quiet yet explosive game became more fimiliar to me as I got older.  Although,  I never really officially picked up playing the sport of golf, I do totally appreciate the mechanics of the swing.  The amazing way golfers precisely wind and unwind their bodies.  Achieving a physical feat that when done by a professional looks easy, but when tried by a novice can be frustrating and stressfull.  The transition the body goes through between fairways and greens is incredible.  First you are launching a small object with only your body and a thin stick.   Ultimately arriving on the green where your play while no doubt still instense is more controlled. 
A few weeks ago,  I attended a golf flexibility class.  It was so great to gain a deeper understanding of the mechanics of the golf swing.  There is just so much the body is doing as you approeach the ball.  If the body at any point pulls out of this posture the ball will no longer travel in a straight line.  Golfers know these shots as the slice or the hook. 
We learned that it is often tight muscles that cause the body to not be able to hold this specific posture through out the execution of the swing ie if your low back is tight you will not be able to maintain the bend at the waist throughout the swing.  
While practice does make perfect if you are practicing while inflexable your swing will not improve.  Only after assesing and treating the tight muscles with massage and stretching will the body be able to hold the swing posture through completion. 
Golf is a great sport and I am so excited to add to my massage tool kit techniques that can help golfers improve his/ her play. 

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