Don’t let your desk get you down!

imagesDo you spend your day at a desk?  Are your neck,back, and shoulders sore?  Do you suffer from headaches?  If you answered yes to any or all of these questions you are not alone.  People everyday suffer from the effects of desk work.
Our bodies are designed to be upright and moving.  Sitting,typing, and talking on the phone are modern functions that challenge our bodies to hold positions which over time can wreak havoc in our posture and our over all physical health.

After decades of the business as usual desk environment, offices and the furniture you find in them are starting to change to accommodate better form and function.  Stand up desks, vertical mouse, hands free phones have all appeared in the market to help office workers improve their health.

Corporate Chair Massage has also been utilized by progressive employee health conscious companies.  A 10-20 minute chair massage can be very beneficial for the sore neck, back, and shoulders.  A short Massage can also be restorative for employees, who are experiencing fatigue.
If your company hasn’t offered any of the above solutions, it may be time to start the conversation with your HR department.  But don’t stop there you can also be taking control of the situation.
Below are some desk health improvements you can start today.

  • Check in with your desk.  Keyboards, computer screens, phones, chair height, desk height.
  • Stand up and move around as often as possible.  Sitting at a desk can promote poor circulation, which over time can cause muscle ache and pain.  So get up and move whenever possible.
  • Breath!  This may sound silly, but stress may cause you to not take really good breaths.  So check in often and get in some good deep restorative breaths.
  • Find a massage therapist!  Even a 30 minute massage can help undo the work related stress.

Don’t let your work life have a negative impact on your whole life.  Start today to take control to get to into a healthier desk routine.

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