Caregivers need Care

Since  I began my journey as a Massage Therapist, I realized there are some really great reasons why people decide to find a therapist and get a massage.  Most people are looking for relief from some ache or pain they have been experiencing.  Others just want an hour of relaxation.  One of the best reasons I have heard for why people seek a massage is because they have become a caregiver.   Caregivers are very busy people, who are giving a lot of themselves to take care of others in their life.  The challenge of being a caregiver is often all consuming.  People in this position may find it difficult to make time to take care of themselves.  An hour on the massage table isn’t something she feels she can possibly schedule into her day.  It is when life is so consuming and time to yourself seems non existent that a caregiver really should find a therapist close to them and make time to get a massage.

A massage for a caregiver offers so many benefits.  First, it gives the caregiver time to relax.  An essential element in helping to keep him healthy.  Massage also should afford the caregiver some relief from the stress brought on by being in the very taxing role of taking care of others.  Allowing someone else to take care of her even for an hour, can really make a difference in a caregivers life.

Caregivers find themselves in this role for many different reason, but at the end of the day one thing is for sure.  Whether you are a nurse, a teacher, a counselor, a social worker, a parent, or someone taking care of a sick relative or friend.  You must recognize that you taking care of yourself is the best way for you to ensure you will be available to take care of others.  Caregivers need care order to keep up with the challenges they face in their lives.  Massage is a wonderful tool all caregivers should have in their tool box.


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