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Spring is for moving

Now spring is here so are all of the activities that come with the warmer weather.  However you choose to get out and enjoy the warmer temperatures remember to listen to your body.
Be honest with yourself and ask yourself some questions.

Is what I’m feeling keep me from my activity?
Does the feeling interupt your sleep?
Has the feeling persisted and/or gotten worse?

If you answer yes to any or all of these questions it’s time to seek professional help.

Start with the practioner you feel most comfortable.  Treatment should match with your goals of getting back to your activity.  If your first attempt doesn’t return you to your activity.  Then change course of action. 
Referrals are a great way to find a practioner skilled in getting you back on track.  Ask a friend, coworker, or golf pro where they have gone to get help with sport injury. 

Don’t spend your warmer months fighting pain or discomfort.  Get out, be active, and remember to seek help if an injury happens.

Massage for Everyone

You have thought about getting a massage, but don’t know where to start?  You maybe pass by a therapist’s office and have thought of calling.  Maybe your neck and shoulders have been sore and your friend at work said they felt relief in their shoulders after seeing an LMT at their Chiropraticor’s office.  So you know massage helped someone, but your work friend lives accross town and you would like to find someone close to home. 
You have never seen a therapist before, but your neck is keeping you up and you decide to call. 

What do you want to know from the therapist? 
You should ask what modality(type of massage) is the LMT trained. 
If you don’t recognize the modality ask the LMT to explain it furher.
Where were he/she trained?
Most therapist will share this information or have literature which will explain his or her style of massage.
Share up front you are interested in working through pain in your neck,  and how it has been affecting you. 
Time spent in advance, talking to an LMT should help you right away decide if you would be comfortable working with this therapist.

Massage is a great way to relieve body aches and pains.  Finding a good therapist for you can put you on track to a better night’s sleep. So make that call, ask the questions and feel better sooner.

And if you don’t see that sign a great place to find an LMT is at The American Massage Therapy Association is nationwide and its members meet the respective state licensure requirements, and therapists will also have their extra education listed there as well as a link to his/her website.

Take the time to start to heal that ache in your neck.  Find a massage therapist and get started today.