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A Day to Remember

A little over a month ago I received a call from a woman looking to have a Massage Therapist at a retreat she was coordinating for her former crew teammates.  I was so happy to get the call and agreed immediately to work with them.  She said there  would be 6-7 massages.  I knew this would be daunting, but I assured her I could get it done in time to have them at their 830 dinner reservation.

The day came, I arrived, and the group was participating in an energy class.  I got to choose my room, and get set up.  From their greetings and the excitement in the room, I could tell this was a really great group of women, and was excited to get started. The day progressed, and every woman I worked on was so wonderful and appreciative.  Even though I was in the room for the better part of 7 hours, every time I made an appearance someone from the group asked what I needed-a longer break, food, water?

Among this group were teachers, firefighters, and all of them were also moms.   Every woman who entered the room was so grateful for my work, and  I could tell this was a very special day for them.  A day to reconnect to their friends and teammates.  A day to renew their spirit and their energy.  While it was a long day for me, I felt very lucky to be included with such a great group.  At the end of my day the first woman I worked with came up to pay me.  She was a beautiful woman who did appear a little older than the rest of the group.  She confirmed to me that she had gone to college later in life, and had crewed with this team.  A crew team she told me,  who had been the first Women’s Ohio State crew team to go the NCAAs.  A really amazing accomplishment and after spending the day with them I was not surprised at all to hear this news.

I don’t know how often I will receive requests to work in this kind of environment, but I am sure glad I was able to answer the call for this group.  As a fellow Buckeye it made me proud to work with such a strong, supportive, and successful group of women.

Massage for your health

Massage has often been associated with the spa industry, as a great way to spend an hour pampering yourself, and while I don’t want to take away from the benefit of an hour long massage at a spa, it is important to know that massage is also a great way to manage life’s aches and pains.  Working in many different environments well trained Massage Therapists bring to the table so much more than just the benefit of relaxation, which is in and of itself a
great way to start to heal.   We also canapply different body work techniques which benefits all of the body’s systems.
Say thanks to your busy body and get a massage.