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Welcome to A Body True

Massage ImageIf you’re interested in establishing an ongoing relationship with a professional Massage Therapist, I welcome you. A Body True is a great opportunity to experience your first massage as well. I have a passion for helping others and thus my quest in creating A Body True. I utilize both traditional and modern massage techniques in order to adapt to each individual client.

Why A Body True?

Massage is a superb way to manage the aches and pains we experience in our everyday lives, as well as engaging the Parasympathetic Nervous System which helps our bodies to rest and digest. A key component to your overall physical and mental wellbeing is the ability to completely quiet the body and the mind and set to work the healing mechanisms that we already have within our makeup.


The massage experience is optimized when the therapist truly listens to the client.

I invite you to continue to discover A Body True and I look forward to working with you.


Michelle A Turner, LMT Owner


About Me

Columbus State Community College Massage Therapy Program 6/09-12/11 (700 hours) Program focused on extensive and comprehensive training based in the John Harvey Kellogg method of therapeutic massage. Client management was based in the traditional medical style of utilizing SOAP notes. Strong emphasis was placed on the physical sciences-anatomy and physiology as it pertains to massage.

The Ohio State University, BA in Communication and Theatre

My clinical experience has been in a Chiropractic office that focused on rehabilitation. Treating patients with a wide variety of conditions including

  • Sport/ Exercise related injury
  • Neck and shoulder pain
  • Low back pain
  • Headache/migraines
  • Pre natal/ Post natal
  • Scoliosis
  • Auto injury
  • Insomnia/Anxiety

    • Resident massage therapist at Grandview Parks and Recreation providing massage for the senior community.
    • Provided chair massage in corporate settings.
    A Message from Michelle

    Michelle A Turner, LMT Owner

    My Practice


    Swedish (classic) Massage
    includes five styles, petrissage-kneading, effleurage- gliding, tapoment- rhythmic tapping, friction-cross fiber, and vibration.
    $60 Per Hour
    Medical Massage
    Specific set of massage treatments applied to affected area (i.e. low back) to help with the discomfort or pain that may be present after an auto or work accident.
    $60 Per Hour
    Trigger Point Therapy
    Based on the research of Dr. Janet Travell and Dr. David Simons , this style focuses on identifying taut muscle bands in the muscle body that are causing a referral pain pattern, and treating this site through ischemic pressure, stretch and spray, or PIMR (Post Isometric Muscle Release).
    $60 Per Hour
    Golf Swing Flexibility
    Much of what makes the golf swing successful is the ability to hold one’s body in a specific plane during the full swing. Often when people have tight muscles their bodies will come out of the posture necessary to execute a well aligned swing. Improving a golfer’s flexibility is a key component to improving one’s success on the course. Beginning with a flexibility assessment, A Body True then plans a program to increase flexibility in the areas of that are tight through massage, passive stretch, and home stretches.
    $60 Per Hour
    Pre Natal-Post Natal Massage
    Massage techniques used on expectant mothers to help with the discomfort felt as the body structure changes to accommodate pregnancy. Specific positioning is utilized from the end of the first trimester- specifically using a side-lying position that is supported by pillows to assist in making the client comfortable.
    $60 Per Hour
    Elder Massage
    Massage designed to help clients with the changes their bodies experience throughout the aging process.
    $50 Per Hour
    Corporate Chair Massage
    Providing chair massage to employees is a great way to help them relieve the aches and pains experienced from sitting at a desk and working on a computer. Even a 10-minute chair massage can revive a person. Please contact me to discuss bringing chair massage to your office.
    $60 Per Hour



    This was my 1st ever massage and I fully intend to go back to Michelle. | Megan V
    Michelle thoroughly focuses on troubled areas (for me, the neck and shoulders), while also attending to the entire body. She works you the entire 60 minutes. I did not want her to stop. I also smelled really wonderful after from the lotion she uses during the massage. Oh, and most importantly, In the words of the Terminator, "I'll be back".
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    I knew right away that she was the right one. | Joe R
    "Tension was causing me tight and achy muscles, and I though massage might help. I tried about a dozen massage therapists before I found Michelle -- but I knew right away that she was the right one. I've been a regular ever since.”
    I feel renewed and whole again. | Aylin B
    “I get a massage for several reasons. Mainly, the best part of a massage is to relax tight and sore muscles and to give myself some me time. I am a pharmacist and have to stand on my feet 7, 9, or 14 hours or more a day. Getting a massage helps ease some of the pain and pressure I have throughout my body. I go to Michelle because she cares about me and the pain I have been experiencing. She works on individual muscle groups and focuses on whichever one is hurting the absolute most that day but doesn’t neglect any others either. After every massage, I feel renewed and whole again.”
    I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone | Tom C
    “I had been having trouble with pain running down from my neck into my back whenever I walked. Through weekly 30-minute massages of the neck area, Michelle has greatly eased my discomfort. Michelle’s massage techniques are most agreeable. She approaches her work in a very professional manner. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.”
    I love having Michelle work on me | Monica D
    I love having Michelle work on me because she's very personable and soothing with her hands!
    Michelle’s massage helped to get me back to work! | Kumar R
    I called Michelle when I throughout my neck and I was barely able to move. She was absolutely wonderful and even took the time to come to my house to give me a deep back and neck massage. The massage was not only helpful but absolutely necessary for me to get back up on my feet and back to work. Michelle's bedside manner is stellar and her massage techniques will keep you coming back like me.
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    Michelle knows exactly where to focus. | Carey F
    I've been seeing Michelle for about 2 years now and I absolutely love her energy. She doesn't give up until every little knot is out. She knows exactly where to focus without me even having to tell her. I just wish I could stay awake thru the whole thing so that I could enjoy every minute :-)
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    Michelle is super friendly to talk to and very knowledgeable| Michael V
    So I purchased a couple of messages for my girlfriend who's a very active volleyball player with chronic shoulder pain from it. This was her first time ever having a message so she didn't have a great deal of experience but if you're suppose to feel relaxed then she's definitely doing a great job! After she found out about her shoulder injury she took the time to even research in between sessions on things to help which was extremely nice! Michelle is super friendly to talk to and very knowledgeable. All in all if you want to make a good friend in the process of being relaxed at the same time go to Michelle.
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    My first massage with Michelle was wonderful! | Kristen H
    I went for my first massage with Michelle recently, and it was wonderful! She is very kind, welcoming, and professional. I had no injuries for her to work on, but generalized stiffness and soreness. She did an excellent job, while playing very soothing music. I woke up the next morning feeling more rested and better than I had in months! I would definitely recommend A Body True for an excellent massage!
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    First visit and I can't wait to go back! | Bill S
    Michelle was great. She listened to my problem areas, then did amazing work on my hands and shoulders. When I told her of an injured foot, she was very conscious of that area. Very fair pricing. I will definitely go back!
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    Michelle is a gifted massage therapist, because she truly loves her work. | Caroline W.
    Michelle has been helping me with some chronic pain, and she is skilled in finding and treating the problem areas. I have had some benefit from the therapy, and Michelle has also given me information to share with my personal trainer to help strengthen the problem muscles and tendons. Michelle's calm demeanor helps to make the therapy enjoyable and healing. Highly recommend her.
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    Michelle is just amazing! | Cortney T
    As a dental hygienist, I am constantly experiencing neck, shoulder, and back pain. After a visit with Michelle, I feel like a million bucks! She is friendly and professional, and I recommend her to all of my friends and family members.
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